The 7 Best Exercise Cycles in India to Lose Weight in 2021- A Review & Buying Guide!

The most value for money, easy to use & durable stationary bikes yet.
best exercise cycles in india to lose weight

While a treadmill involves more muscles and burn more calories/hour than a typical exercise cycle, but you run into the risk of injuries, plus it eats up a lot of space. On the contrary, a stationary cycle/bike takes less space, is easier on your knees, and it can help you lose more weight as you increase workouts’ intensity.

With that being said, we have reviewed and compared over 29 indoor cycles and found the Dolphy Exercise Spin Bike to be the best overall exercise cycle in India to lose weight. It comes with an adjustable seat, a broader paddle, and a sturdy steel chassis that supports upto 150Kg weight. Our second favorite is Lifecarefitness Orbitrek; another value for the money cycle with movable handles that also helps target a specific muscle.

COMPARISON: The 7 best exercise cycle in India to lose weight

CycleMax WtTypeExtrasOur rating
1.DOLPHY150kgSpin1.Belt transmission
2.Adjustable design
3.Smart resistance level
2.LCF Orbitrek120kgUpright1.For total body workout
2.Low impact on joints
3.Digital meter for metrics
3.FW Eazy Bike110kgAir1. 8-Level magnetic resistance
2. For low impact, total body workout
4.Cockatoo Air100kgAir1.Adjustable resistance
2. Its Cycle+Cross trainer
3. For both upper & lower body
5.Kobo Delux120kgAir1.Compact design
2. Adjustable resistance
3. Digital meter
6.Reach Cardio100kgAir1.Ergonomic design
2. Digital meter
3. Strapped pedals for safety
7.PowerMax120kgAir1. Comfortable back support design
2. For full body workouts
3. Firm grip pedal and bars

Now let’s go through all our favorites one by one. We have also included the buying guide at the end of this review which will surely come in handy to buy the right bike for your needs.

REVIEWS: The 7 best exercise cycle in India to lose weight in 2021

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1. Dolphy Exercise Spin Bike for Home Gym and Indoor Cycling

  • Dolphy brand, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene material, weighing capacity up to 150 kgs, home exercise cycle.

 If you are looking for something worth every penny, here is the right investment for the best indoor cycle. The Dolphy exercise spin bike is made up of ABS-sprayed steel pipe. It has a weighing capacity of up to 150 kg. The seat is also adjustable; you can adjust the seat vertically and horizontally for the user’s comfort. The braking system provides the best performance, best suited for first-time users without any supervision. Paddles are broad and also self-balanced. It comes with an adjustable strap that makes it convenient to use by anyone without any size restriction. It has a solid flywheel, you can enjoy hindrance-free pedaling and immersive cycling. The phone bracket allows you to enjoy your music and video during your workout.

Additional features: 

It has a water bottle holder, a centered design drive, and is very easy to install.

2. Lifecarefitness Orbitrek Black 4 in 1 Delux

  • 4 in 1, for walking and running, digital, indoor exercise bike.

This cycle is best for overall body workouts. You can target your arms, shoulders, chest, abdomen, back, and thighs. The 4 in 1 exercise cycle allows for arm rowing, steeping, stair climbing, and cycling. You need not worry about knee and joint pain and is best for stimulating walking and running. It comes up with a digital meter, which helps in viewing parameters like speed, time, distance, and calories. It is best for the whole family, doesn’t requires maintenance. The air wheel provides strong resistance. And above all these features, it is movable; you can place it wherever you want.

From our experience, the only problem you can face is it is a little difficult for installation.

3. Fitness World Eazy Bike for Home and Gym | 8 Level Magnetic Resistance

  • Eazy bike, compatible, magnetic resistance, LED light display.

If you are looking for an exercise cycle that is easy and compatible to use then the fitness world, an easy cycle is all you need. This popular cycle is famous amongst gym enthusiasts. It has led to light display as a technological upgrade feature, which keeps count on your workout period. Along with this, it has features to set the frequency, intensity, speed of the machine. Magnetic 8 level resistance systems often offer a more significant variation in resistance programs, allowing you to fine-tune during the workout if you wish to. It has an antiskid structure.

Additional features: 

This is all and all a great comfy deal. And it needs significantly less space.

 It has adjustable pedals, a handlebar, and a meter function as its add-on.

4. Cockatoo Imported Air Bike Multifunction Function/Exercise Bike (Cycle & Cross Trainer)

  • Dual-action handlebar, budget exercise with digital display, and has adjustable tension feature.

This bike/cycle is designed for upper and lower body workouts. As per its specification, it has two handles that can involve both the upper and lower body at the same time. Its steel-built body allows you to work out for hours without worrying about disintegration. It has scaled adjustable resistance; it comes in handy to increase workout intensity to rip maximum fat.  

To adjust the tension, it has a knob. Like other indoor exercise bikes, it has a digital display too to track speed and calorie count. You can also adjust the seat as per your need, and the seating is so comfortable that you would not give up so soon. 

Additional features:

It has a shaker, 1 air biker, and a shaker bottle.

5. Kobo Air Bike Delux Exercise Cycle Dual Action / Electronic Meter (Ab-1 (silver)

  • Cardio workout, recumbent exercise cycle, Electronic display and can carry 120 weights Upright bike.

The Kobo air cycle is specifically designed for cardiovascular exercise. It is ideal for both upper and lower body workouts. The machine works smoothly and silently. Regular exercising on this machine will help to tone your muscles and lose weight faster. The exercise cycle is suitable for people of all age groups. 

If you are looking for a comfortable saddle, then this is a perfect fit for you. This exercise cycle can carry weight up to 120 kg. It has an electronic meter display for parameters like speed, distance, and calories. The cycle is effortless to assemble. In fact, you can do it yourself by referring to the provided manual guide.

6. Reach Air Bike Exercise Home Gym Cycle | Best Cardio Fitness Machine for Weight Loss.

  • Upright bike Portable, durable, best drive system and can carry weight up to 100 kg.

One more to the list of best exercise cycles in India to lose weight is this one. The Reach Air cycle has an adjustable tension knob, which allows you to go for an intense workout. You can adjust the resistance levels according to your expertise. The perfect stance makes it best for a durable workout without having to stress much on your knees. The pedals come along with a strap; the user can slide their feet into wide pedals and quickly secure them.

It is made up of steel material, which is, in the long run, can carry weight up to 100 kg. This immovable cycle boasts an LCD panel to display parameters like speed, calories, etc. One of the major USP of this product is the ergonomic design and the cushions embedded at the sitting, which prevents strain, and muscle ache, which you may experience during a workout.

It has the best belt drive system, which allows low momentum.

7. PowerMax Fitness BU-201 Dual Action Air Bike/Exercise Bike with Back Support System for Home Workout

  • Indoor exercise cycle, Compact exercise bike, best for cardio routine.

The Powermax fitness BU-201 cycle is the perfect home workout bike; with its LCD, you can keep count on speed, calories burnt, distance peddled, etc. The body is made up of a steel frame. The micro-adjustment control makes it unique from the other bikes present in the market. It can bear up to 120 kg of weight. If you are looking for excellent back support, then you should go for this bike. It has antiskid pedals and adjustable foot straps for a hassle-free workout. You can endure a complete cardio workout in the comfort of your home. This exercise cycle is best for a beginner as well as gym professionals. The belt drive is a smooth and silent On-air bike; it can solve noise problems from the chain belt.

Additional features: 

The best belt drive system, moving handlebar comes with a foam hand grip. It has a single-piece crank. The seat is adjustable to the desired height.

VIDEO: Health benefits of exercise cycle/bike

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The exercise cycle buying guide

Buying a bike for home exercise in today’s scenario is the best investment one can do. There are numerous options available. There are different types of bikes, few to be named as Upright bikes, indoor cycling bikes, air bikes, etc. 

You will have to keep some consideration for getting the best. Not only the budget but few specifications, features, compatibility all are important factors for the purchase. We recommend you to go through these factors based on which you can decide to buy a perfect bike for your home workout.

1. Bike/Cycle type

If you are looking for low-impact cardio activities and looking for a foldable design then you should go with upright bikes.

A spin bike provides a low-impact but high-intensity workout. You can consider this bike for burning high calories.

We will suggest you consider a recumbent bike to target more muscles. It provides a full-body workout, mainly targeting many muscles.

Air bike is best for an athlete who is looking to enhance their performance

2. Features: 

One of the crucial aspects of deciding over your purchase is what features your bike is loaded with. The more the features, the more likely you will be able to utilize it in every manner. For instance, nowadays, the bike comes with a foldable design, magnetic-based resistance, digital or electronic display. What matters here is the most, which feature you are looking for, decide as per your feature listing.

3. Pricing:

When it comes to pricing, you should seek an investment worth every penny. Buying a cheaper bike with a less year warranty should be avoided. Go for a bike that is durable and will help you stay fit for years to come. Nowadays, you can also buy machines on easy EMI. Looks are secondary; compatibility and durability play a significant role. 

4. Display and programming:

Look for a bike with a digital display over any electronic display, as it will help measure more parameters, like calorie count, speed, timing, etc.

5. Weighing capacity:

Ideally, you should go for a bike that should carry a weight of 120- 150 kg.

6. Belt Drive:

Earlier, there was a chain drive concept, but now belt drive has come up, which are durable, efficient, and noise-free.

7. Pedal strap and adjustable handlebars:

Select a bike that has adjustable handlebars and pedal straps. Pedals should have spring-loaded clips, which can able to place your feet comfortably. Also, seek wider pedals. When you exercise, height and size should be appropriate.

8.  Extras:

Various bikes offer space for placing shakers, bottles, and many more added luxuries. 

Hope our guide helps you to invest in the right product. If you have any confusion or need guidance don’t forget to ask in the comments below.

I am a fitness enthusiast and gym junkie who spend not more than 1hr a day working out. I believe sufficient workouts with proper nutrition can render an impressive ripped body.
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