The 10 Best Treadmills Under 30000 in India [2021] – A Beginners Buying Guide!

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Best Treadmill Under 30K

When the weather outside is bad, crowded, or isn’t safe, a treadmill is the most useful piece of equipment for walking and running. And having a personal one at home is a sound investment.

The best Treadmill in India to buy is the MAXPRO PTM405 – a highly dependable fitness machine with upto 4HP of motor power, multiple high-tech sensors, easy to use LCD interface, and a large 1150 X 420mm running surface for a natural experience. Unless you have space problems, it’s the best treadmill for home use. 

The other treadmill I suggest is Sparnod STH-3000. It is so compact that you can hide it under your bed, and it performs just as good as a regular built one under 25k. However, I won’t advise it for tall users due to the short platform.

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COMPARISON: 10 best treadmill under 30000 for home use

TreadmillMax WtModeExtrasOur Rating
1.FITKIT FT200110kgMotor

  1. All India service

  2. 2.25HP, 4.5HP peak power

  3. LCD for heart rate and other metrics

  4. Upto 3Y warranty on frame

2.POWERMAX MFT410120kgManual

  1. Best under 15k

  2. 3 Level manual incline for HIIT

  3. Heart rate sensor on handrail

  4. 1Y & Lifetime warranty on frame

3.FITKIT FT9890kgMotor

  1. All India service

  2. 1200X420mm wide belt

  3. 1.25HP, 2HP peak power

  4. No heart rate sensor

4.LIFELONG Pro90kgMotor

  1. 1100X395mm running belt

  2. 90° foldable

  3. LCD & Heart rate sensor

  4. Best for walking and running

5.COCKATOO CTM0490kgMotor

  1. 1.5HP, 2HP Peak

  2. No incline level

  3. 1100X390mm running platform

  4. 3Y motor warranty

6.SPARNORD 3000110kgMotor

  1. Under-bed foldable design

  2. Best for walking

  3. Quite 2.25HP motor

  4. 1100X400mm running platform

7.LIFELONG LLTM8190kgMotor

  1. 90° foldable design

  2. 1000x380mm running belt

  3. 2HP motor

  4. Wheels for mobility

8.LIFELINE LYSN5213100kgManual

  1. Best for fat loss

  2. Foldable design

  3. Electric meter for pulse, calories etc

  4. Narrow belt

9.MAXPRO PTM405110kgMotor

  1. 2HP, 4HP peak motor

  2. 3-level manual incline for HIIT

  3. Multiple sensors including Heart rate

  4. 1150X420mm running belt

  5. 1Y Warranty

10.POWERMAX TDA150120kgMotor

  1. 5HP Peak power

  2. Heart rate & other sensors

  3. Automatic incline

  4. 1259.84X449.58 running belt

  5. Lifetime frame warranty


REVIEWS: 10 best treadmill under 30000 for home use

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1.FITKIT FT200 SERIES – *Best selling*

2.25 HP, 4.5 HP Peak, Motorised treadmill

  • Easy to use
  • Running belt provides decent grip
  • Interesting display interface
  • Dependable customer service
  • Makes noice when operated at higher speed
  • Heart rate sensor is slow
  • Heavy and big in size so shifting from one place to another is tedious

The FITKIT FT200 is an excellent treadmill with an array of useful features. For starters, it has a robust 2.25HP of power that can peak upto 4.5HP. The motorized gear bears max 110kgs weight and upto 16km/hr of speed. It has a non-stretchable belt that is durable and less prone to develop slacks. 

One of the things that makes FT200 a modern treadmill is smartphone connectivity. Via Fitplus app(for iOS/Android), you can try different preset workout programs and track them along the way. The invaluable heart rate sensor comes handy to keep a record of your heart rate throughout the workout. Plus, you can also trace your water intake, blood pressure, and other vital parameters via an Alexa enabled display. The inbuilt music system will make your intense workout session a fun. If you are planning to lose weight, then the in-box premium diet plan will be invaluable to help shed body fat.

As for the portability and ease of assembly is concerned, its foldable, effortless to store, plus it comes with free installation.

Always remember, though, its high inclination sometimes won’t allow folding easily. So you will want to use it only in a spacious place. Also, the arms of the treadmill are not the longest to hold easily.

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2. POWERMAX MFT-410 – Multifunction treadmill in India

Manual, 3-Level incline, 120KG Max, Weight loss

  • Affordable price
  • Best for weight loss
  • Compact and portable design
  • 3-Level incline mode
  • Not motorised so you have to put extra to workout

Most trainer recommends a manual treadmill (the belt moves when you move) over an automated one as its more effective in weight loss. The POWERMAX MFT-410 features some of the excellent specs for a weight loss machine and that too at low budget. It has a sturdy resistant steel alloy build. The treadmill can sustain upto 120 kg weight and supports a 3-level manual incline to simulate hilly path. Long and wide running belts track will provide you with more comfortability whether you walk or run. It has a five-window LCD that displays essentials like speed, distance walked, calories burnt, and heart rate, which you can locate on the handrail. 

One of the most exciting things about this model is that you can use it as a 4-in-1; as a jogger, stepper, twister and as a push-up bar. You can conveniently move the machine from one place to another with the movable wheels.

One of the disadvantages as a manual machine is that the belt only moves when we move it – not so good for people who want fasten-up on their speed.

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3. FIT KIT FT98 – Carbon build treadmill in India

1.25 HP, 2HP Peak, Motorised, 90Kg Max.

  • Upto 90Kg weight capacity
  • Decent 14km/hr max speed
  • Comes with Home installation
  • Value for money treadmill
  • Has app to track workout progress
  • The running board is little narrow which can cause confidence problem
  • No pulse tracking feature

The FT98 is one of the most budgetary motorized treadmills in India. It comes under the range of Rs 20,000/, weight just 31 kgs and can bear upto a 90kgs of weight. 

The machine boasts a 1.25HP (continuous) and 2HP(peak) DC motor that can pace from 0.8 to max 14km/hr. It has a 1200 X 420 mm average-sized ant- skid, easy to lubricate running platform. It has a LED display showing time, speed, calories burnt and connects with the Fitplus app.

A free personal dietician is provided for upto 3 months to all FITKIT treadmill users.

The fitness gear comes with one year of limited warranty on motor and manufacturing defects and 3 years warranty on frame. Free home installation service is available across the country.

4.LIFELONG FIT: Pro LLTM09 – Best motorised treadmill under 20,000

2.5HP peak, Motorised, 12 Preset workouts for weight loss, 90 Kg Max.

  • Strong robust construction
  • Decent LED display for parameters
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Compact and foldable design
  • Rugged, grippy belt
  • Automatic inclination is absent
  • Only one color variant available

The Pro LLTM09 is one of the most accurate motorized Treadmills out there with 90 degrees foldability and comes with wheels. It can carry weight upto 90 kgs. At the core is the 2.5HP of peak motor, bears upto 90 Kg of weight and fasts at as much as 10km/hr. 

Around the display, we have bottle holders, aux and USB connector, speed regulator and other display options. You will get 12 preset workout programs that can help in weight loss training. Anyone be it, beginner, runner, walker or a pro athlete, all can get accustomed to this.

You can use the healthify app with this treadmill to keep track of your workouts and fitness level. I think it’s a pretty good treadmill for running.

The platform is not so wide, but then what all to expect at this price.

5.COCKATOO CTM-04 – Best treadmill under 25,000

2 HP peak, Motorised, Multifunction, Massager, 90Kg Max

  • Strong and lightweight construction
  • USB & Aux ports
  • Inbuilt speakers
  • Massager feature
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Beautiful Display
  • Belt heats real quickly

For Jogging lovers, this treadmill proves to be best. You can get slim thighs, waist, and hips at the comfort of your home with its leg muscle twister. The First thing which you will want to know is the speed. It ranges from 0.8km/hr to 10km/hr, which means you start slow and level up higher every time. The 2HP motorized treadmill features a great space-saving design and a beautiful digital display to keep you motivated and on track while displaying valuable information on the screen. Plus it comes with a USB/AUX port, so you can plug in your favourite music.

For less than 22k rupees, that not a bad deal.

What I don’t like about this treadmill is a gradual increase in speed. Beginners may like it, but a lot of athletes prefer to start working at a higher speed.

6.SPARNOD STH-3000 – Best foldable compact treadmill under 25k

4 HP peak, Foldable design, Walking, 110Kg max.

  • Foldable, compact, and underbed design
  • Best for home with space shortage
  • Touch & wireless remote control access
  • Inbuild speakers
  • Bluetooth support
  • The treadmill platform is small
  • Not ideal for tall people

SPARNOD STH-3000 is one of the most efficient (and most portable) plug-in Treadmill which is so slim you can store it under your bed. The best option for people with a lack of space – thanks to the foldable handles. It is a 2 in 1 treadmill with dual exercise modes. You can use it as a running treadmill and as an under-desk walking treadmill. I.e. when the riser is folded, you can walk while you work, and when the riser is up, it becomes a typical treadmill that can be used for walking and running. 

The machine boasts 4HP of peak motor that can sustain as much 110Kg of weight and reach a maximum speed of 4km/h. It comes with a multifunction LED display and a phone holder. It a decent compact treadmill in India to buy under Rs 30k for people with insufficient space. 

Best yet, there’s minimal assembly or installation required and its as easy as plug-and-play to get started.

The annoying thing about this treadmill is that the handle needs to get unscrewed every time to unfold. Also, some people complain about the platform being shorter for them. And then the length of the wire is also short, and you may require an extension.

7.LIFELONG FIT PRO LLTM81 – Best motorized treadmill under 15,000

2 HP peak, Motorised, 12 Preset workouts, 90KG Max.

  • Economical motorized treadmill
  • Easy to install and use
  • Comes with essential parameters like heart rate sensor
  • Can be noisy
  • No multifunctionality
  • Treadmill construction could have been better

The LIFELONG LLTM81 is the Best Treadmill for personal and seniors use. It has an efficient aluminium design and rubber pad equipped running deck to avoid any slip or shock. The machine boasts a 2HP motor that can ramp up to 10km/hr and bear 90 kg weight. 

The most attractive thing is it has almost all the features of any other motorized treadmill at half the cost.

It doesn’t require a stabilizer and an anti-slip texture is provided at the corners of the pad for safety purposes. The manufacturer is providing free home installation.

There doesn’t appear to be much of drawbacks as of now considering the price point.

8.LIFELINE LYSN5213 – Best treadmill under 10,000 for weight loss

Manual, 1-Level incline, Senors, 90KG Max.

  • Affordable treadmill
  • Comes with heart rate sensor
  • Foldable design
  • Built quality could have been better
  • Only 1-level incline but justify the price

I will suggest you this manual treadmill if your primary aim is reducing excess fat. This manual treadmill comes with a durable design, a user-friendly dashboard with an electronic meter that comes handy to track your health stats. The wide running platform will put you at ease while running. This manual treadmill is the best choice in terms of both safety and security. For enhancing your safety, it has a self-locking mainframe for the safe workouts, and also the upright bars add greater support and stability to the treadmill.

Some verified review on amazon complains of the handle grip being a little uncomfortable.

Overall this is absolutely the best Treadmill in India for weight loss.

9.MAXPRO PTM405 – Best Hi-Tech treadmill under 30k

2 HP, 4 HP peak, Motorised, Multifunction, Running, Large display, 110KG Max.

  • Advanced treadmill
  • Best for athelets
  • Ideals for running
  • Foldable design
  • Multifunctional Display
  • Easy to transport
  • Upto 110KG weight support
  • Suddenly stops upon powercut

It is one of the best-selling folding treadmills that can hold up to 110 kgs of weight. The Maxpro PTM405 brings you a motorized 2HP power (peaking at 4 HP), provides noise-free operation and is energy efficient. It has a 5-inch blue LCD and has 12 preset workout programs. The high-tech treadmill offers a good speed interval of 1km/hr to 14km/hr. It is the best equipment for beginners who have just started doing workouts. You can do from mild walking to fast running. It has 3 levels of manual incline to choose from according to the intensity of your workout. The platform features a multi-layer belt that reduces the possibility of sudden shocks while running. The warranty lasts a lifetime for the frame and one year for the parts and motor. 

Some users are complaining that the equipment is noisy.  

10.POWERMAX TDA-150 – Best treadmill for people upto 120KG

5HP Peak, auto-incline, 120kg Max.

  • Powerful machine with upto 120KG weight support
  • Best for runners
  • Large 5.5″ Display for parameters
  • Auto Lubrication feature
  • Automatic Incline mode
  • Complete steel construction
  • Running platform is narrow
  • USB, AUX and Built in speakers
  • Can be expensive
  • Heavy machine with uptp 70KG

Check on

The PowerMax Fitness TDA-150 2.5HP Motorized Treadmill is an excellent piece of treadmill that comes with a stronger 5HP peak motor. It has special smart run features which record your daily activity and can be replayed the same the next time you workout. You can take the training to a whole new level with its 18 levels automatic inclination feature. It has a Multi-ply urethane coated high conductivity polyester satin weave with a 1.8mm thick PVC non-slip surface for maximum safety. It features a large 5.5 inch LCD screen and is equipped with MP3 and USB port to store music and listen to while exercising. Its unique foldable feature with soft hydraulic release helps to store the treadmill easily in your room or slide under the bed.

You have to be alert while using this treadmill as sometimes the belt slips automatically.  

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The Treadmills Buying Guide

There are several items regarding the construction of treadmills that will ring true regardless of the manufacturer. Making the proper choice for your specific needs starts here. Whether you want a basic treadmill only for walking, or a high-end machine designed to withstand the rigors of full running workouts, these basic guidelines will help.

Treadmill Motor

One of the essential features to look at when making your choice will be the motor’s size. As motor size increases, so does the price, but so too does the machine’s capability and versatility. We recommend buying the largest motor your budget allows. It will enable you to make adjustments to your workouts as your fitness levels increase.

Deck size

The next item you want to look at is the deck size. Again your planned use will help you make this decision. But also, larger will allow for more versatility. The larger deck sizes will accommodate running workouts more comfortably. If you are tall, you will want to consider a larger deck length to accommodate your stride, walking, or running comfortably.

Deck cushioning

There are different levels of deck cushioning available. The more cushioning, the more protection to your joints and ligaments. This choice, again, will be guided by your planned use of your treadmill. Runners will want more cushioning than walkers.

Incline levels

Another vital feature to look at inclines. You can burn many more calories while working out on an incline than on a flat surface. There are even machines now that have interactive software that can vary incline during your workout for you. Generally, incline rates range from 0% to 20%.


Consider Heart rate monitor, LCD, Motor, other programs before buying a treadmill.


Do you have enough space at your home for this machine? You should consider buying a folding treadmill if you have less space in the room.


When you decide on the features, you need to consider how much you are willing to pay. Typically treadmills start from Rs 15000. You obviously will want the treadmill at reasonable rates. And remember, who buys cheap, buy twice.

I am a fitness enthusiast and gym junkie who spend not more than 1hr a day working out. I believe sufficient workouts with proper nutrition can render an impressive ripped body.
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