Try This 4 Classy Bodyweight Workout At Home For Bigger Chest & Stronger Back


While most of us rely on bench presses & barbell rows to develop our upper body, nothing beats calisthenics. Provided you do it correctly, this bodyweight chest and back routine can be useful if you are looking to add a more sculpted look to your physique. Calisthenics involves a variety of exercises involving simple, rhythmical movements, generally without using any equipment.

Bodyweight chest and back workout: Quick look

Towel Pull-ups104
Jumping Burpee104
Prone Cobra104

Further Instructions: Complete each exercise once. Then move to the next with little to no rest and then repeat the cycle 4 times.

Bodyweight chest and back exercises

Here we will be looking at four bodyweight chest and back routine, which can be a killer combination if you are looking to build a perfect chest and back. All you need is a towel and yourself and a whole lot of dedication.

1. Push-Ups 

Pushups everyday

For starters, push-ups are an excellent exercise for gaining strength and sculpting your chest, and its varieties are a personal favorite of many. So we will be doing 10 reps of “Four Second Push-Ups.” At first, you have to take the standard push up position. Then you come down slowly so that it takes a four-second count. At the bottom, hold your position for two seconds before coming right back up. Complete 10 reps, and you are sure to feel the result.

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2. Towel Pull-ups 

Towel pull-ups. Img Credit: Mens Journal

Next up in our bodyweight chest and back workout routine is “Towel Pull-ups. Pull up, and its varieties are also popular among people. For “Towel Pull-ups, grab your towel and lay on the floor on your belly. Hold the towel tight above 4 inches from the floor and pull it into your chest and then retrace your action to your starting position.

It’s kind of like doing lat pulley row movement of the floor. Make sure your head is held high so that when you pull the towel close, it should come near your collarbone and have a significant result on your back—complete 10 reps.

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3. Jumping Burpees

Jumping Burpees. Img Credit: Healthline

Next up in our bodyweight chest and back workout routine is “Jumping burpees with a knee tuck.”Start off with a standard burpee. On the way back up, you need to jump and tuck your knees as close as possible to your chest. This one really gets your body stirring, so aim for 10 reps.

4. Prone Cobras

Prone Cobra Exercise. Img Credit: Muscleandfitness

Last in our bodyweight chest and back workout routine is “Prone Cobras.” Here you lay back down on the floor on your belly. Extend your arms in front of you and bring your hands together. Then get your arms back along your body and make sure you raise your chest up while doing so.

Over to you!

While exercises 1,2 and 4 require you to go slow for optimum result, exercise 3, you can perform at your standard burpee pace. You must target to complete these 4 exercises within 4-5 minutes so that you can go for 2 more sets and complete your workout for the day in 15 minutes.

However, a minute rest between each set is good enough. Remember, no pain, no gain, and that calisthenics, when performed vigorously and with variety, can increase both muscular as well as cardiovascular fitness in addition to improving your psychomotor skills like balance, coordination, and agility. So follow this bodyweight chest and back workout routine and see the result for yourself. Home workout enthusiast? Here are more effective home exercises you can try at home.

I am a fitness enthusiast and gym junkie who spend not more than 1hr a day working out. I believe sufficient workouts with proper nutrition can render an impressive ripped body.
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