The 8 Minute Workouts You Can Do Anywhere

The Simple Beginner Workouts at Home Without Equipment

As a beginner, it is often difficult to find a workout you can stick with daily. You may feel discouraged by the level of difficulty in some exercises and find you simply cannot keep up with the pace. You may feel like you’ll never achieve your fitness/weight loss goals. We have all been there at some point. I’m here to tell you that there is hope. I want to make things really easy for you by introducing you to an 8-minute simple beginner’s workout that you can do whenever you have some free time in the day. These exercises are super easy to follow and can assist you in slowly increasing your daily activity levels. 

Let’s get started:

1. Push-ups (30 seconds)

First, to do a push-up, lie flat on the floor with your hands even with your chest; elbows should be angled at 45 degrees. Push through the heels of the hands, pushing up, slowly lifting the torso, thighs, and chest off the ground as one unit.

As you are lifting up, make sure you are parallel to the ground and do not have your butt sticking out, or your hips swagging down. Do not lock your elbows when in the up position as this can cause unnecessary stress on the joint. Slowly lower yourself back down, making sure to lock your abdominal muscles. 

2. Toe Touches (30 seconds)

Toe Touch exercise. Img credit: PopSugar

To do a toe touch, lay down flat on your back with your arms positioned above your head. Then lift your legs in the air, have knees slightly bent, and reach your toes using your hands. Make sure your abdominal muscles are tight and that you stabilize your body.

3. Squats (30 seconds)

The Simple Beginner Workouts at Home Without Equipment

Put your feet flat on the ground and spread shoulder-width apart. Have your feet pointing in the outward position. Look at something straight ahead, and slightly bend your knees in a place as if you were going to sit in a chair.

Your butt should be pointing out behind you; keep heels firmly on the ground. Have your whole body tight, and lower yourself slowly down. Use arms for balance, if needed. Lift your body back up, pushing up using your heels. Your back should be at a 45 to 90 degrees angle to prevent any injuries.

4. High Knees (30 seconds)

High knees. Img credit: Workouttreands

To do high knees:

  1. Stand with feet spaced hip-width apart.
  2. Move your right knee up past your hips towards the chest.
  3. As you lower your right knee back down, start lifting your left knee up past the hip.
  4. Repeat these steps, always alternating between legs.
  5. Lift as high as you can.
  6. Place hands on the upper portion of your leg each time you lift to maintain your balance.

Repeat all the above exercises 3 times.

*Use an exercise mat for comfort while performing these exercises.

Now you have completed your simple beginner’s workout, and are well on your way to achieving your fitness goals. All it takes is 8 minutes of your time daily to get you started. Remember, don’t feel defeated if you can’t last the full 30 seconds. Do the best you can! Staying motivated is one of the most significant factors that will determine your success. With patience and perseverance, you will soon achieve your fitness goals.

Pratyaksha Agarwal
I am a fitness enthusiast and gym junkie who spend not more than 1hr a day working out. I believe sufficient workouts with proper nutrition can render an impressive ripped body.