Fitting Exercise at Home into Your Busy Daily Schedule

Exercise is vital to our physical and emotional health and well-being. Many busy adults, especially working professionals or parents with young children, find it very difficult to find time daily or even weekly to exercise. Save time and energy by exercising at home instead of at a health club. Since exercise is essential in the fight against heart disease, obesity, diabetes, anxiety, and depression, follow these simple tips for making room in your schedule every day to exercise at home.

Maximize your downtime.

While you are relaxing after work, watching several favorite television programs, instead of staying on the couch, consider getting up and exercising while watching your shows. Create an open space for exercising and stretching, abdominal exercises, or low-impact aerobics while being entertained by your TV programs.

Try to replace your caffeine consumption with exercise.

Caffeine is a stimulant that makes your brain feel alert and awake. However, caffeine is still an addictive drug and can cause sleeping problems and withdrawal symptoms. Whenever you feel the urge to reach for some coffee, tea, soda, or energy drink, opt instead to take a few minutes and exercise. Clear an area in your family room or basement for exercising. March or jog on the spot. Do shoulder, side, and leg stretches. Remember, exercise is a natural, healthy stimulant for your brain and body.

Make exercise an integral part of your social life.

Family workout at home

Instead of going on movie dates with your spouse or partner, choose instead to go hiking or skiing in a beautiful park. Instead of meeting friends at a coffee shop, arrange to get together to play tennis or badminton, or all go on a relaxing bicycle ride together.

Look at housework as productive opportunities to exercise.

Most men and women alike dread doing housework but try to adjust your attitude by thinking of the unique opportunities to exercise that housework presents. Dust and vacuum your home with gusto, knowing you are getting in some much-needed exercise. Wash your dishes and clean your kitchen while listening to some refreshing music to motivate you to clean and move to the beat. Outdoor household tasks, including raking the leaves, shoveling the snow, and mowing the lawn, all provide fantastic cardiovascular workouts while toning your arms and shoulders at the same time.

Invest time in cultivating an organic flower or vegetable garden.

Not only does gardening have many therapeutic benefits for your mental and emotional health, but it also provides constant sources for good cardiovascular and strengthening exercises. Weeding and planting provide excellent cardio exercise. Even watering your garden every day gives you some exercise. Make sure that do some full-body stretches before and after vigorous gardening to keep your muscles flexible and free from injury. If you grow vegetables or herbs, make sure that you use them in your cooking and reap the health benefits of the “fruits” of your labor.

Pratyaksha Agarwal
I am a fitness enthusiast and gym junkie who spend not more than 1hr a day working out. I believe sufficient workouts with proper nutrition can render an impressive ripped body.