The 7 Health Benefits of Elliptical Cross Trainer!

elliptical cross trainer benefit

Elliptical machines (or elliptical trainers) are highly beneficial in all senses. They can be found in most gyms and fitness centers nowadays. They owe their popularity to the number of advantages they have.

Elliptical machines are low impact.

Perhaps the most important advantage of an elliptical trainer is that it’s low-impact. This means that people of all ages (even the elderly), fitness levels, or those who have some joint injuries can use it instead of jogging, stay fit, and forget about excessive pressure on their knees, ankles, or back.

It’s great for heart health.

Because the best ellipticals have movable upper body handles, you can work both lower and upper body simultaneously. This results in a great cardiovascular workout for the whole body, heart muscle strengthening, which leads to reduced risks of heart disease like a heart attack. 

Burns more calories in less time

Besides, it requires less time to burn more calories and get an overall workout. Only 20-30 minutes of exercising would be enough to have your shoulders, chest, core, biceps, and triceps thoroughly worked.

Safer and easier to use

Another benefit is the fact that they’re extremely easy and safe to use. It requires little skill and comes with a variety of preset exercise programs. They also have adjustable incline and resistance levels to control the intensity of workouts or fit some of your personal fitness demands. 

Its anti-boring

The programs imitate running, hill climbing, walking, or even cross-country skiing which is pretty good at preventing boredom. Workout programs can also be downloaded from the Internet.

Unlike other common exercise machines, elliptical trainers have a better track record. They can be equipped with wireless heart rate control for your workout optimization. 

Can target different muscles

The pedals can also be worked in a reverse direction. This allows to target other muscle groups and helps to strengthen different parts of the knee.

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Highly efficient for weight loss

Moreover, those trainers are highly efficient for weight loss and increase your aerobic capacity, which is very important, as it helps to do exercises for a long time without getting out of breath. A 30-minute workout proved to burn about 200 calories at a moderate intensity level. To top it all, elliptical machines provide weight-bearing exercises that help to maintain and to build bone density inhibiting the onset of osteoporosis.

I am a fitness enthusiast and gym junkie who spend not more than 1hr a day working out. I believe sufficient workouts with proper nutrition can render an impressive ripped body.
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