This 7 Super-Effective Exercises Will Help You Build Muscle Faster in 2020

best exercise to build muscle mass fast

We all know everyone wants to have the perfect body to look good and be fit. These exercises are crucial to your goal of building muscle mass. Ensure that you perform these exercises in a gym to get the full benefit of the workout as you need different weight variations and specific machines.

The 7 best muscle building exercises

Follow each of the exercises for 3 sets of 8 repetitions.

1. Bench press 

Bench Press exercise. Img credits: Crossfit/YT

It is an excellent exercise for the upper body. The person performing the bench press is required to lie down and lift the weight over their chest. You must keep your chest lifted up for the entire set. The right machine found in your gym will help you perform the bench-press correctly and efficiently than the barbell. Lift the weight till you stretch out your arms completely and ensure it is maintained just over your chest and not anywhere else. 

2. Bent over rows

This exercise requires you to bend your knees slightly and bend your back to pick up the weights. Ensure to keep your back straight and your hands holding the barbell wide enough with a good grip so no excess strain is it felt on any particular muscle to avoid any strain or muscle pull.

Your chest should be pushed out and your shoulder must be straight to get the full benefit of the exercise. The weight should be lifted to the shoulder and pushed down till it is just a few inches below the knees. You can either use the machine to perform this exercise but a barbell is much more efficient as the machine will not allow you to bend down as much.

3. The deadlift

Three step deadlifting. Img source: Stronglift

This exercise requires a lot of practice. Keep your feet-to-shoulder width apart and squat down to hold the barbell near the shin by stretching out the hands completely. Your arms should be a little wider than the shoulder and ensure that you push out your chest while keeping your shoulders straight. Your thighs should be parallel to the floor while holding the weight.

Perform the exercise by standing up along with the barbell and keep it extremely close to the body. Do not bend your elbow while holding the weight. No other parts of your body should move other than your leg thigh muscles used for standing up. Each set starts from squatting to getting up while holding a heavy barbell. It works really well for your lower back muscles along with the leg and arm muscles.

4. Military press

Military press guide by STUDENFITNESS

Use a curl bar with a fine grip, place your hand slightly apart from your shoulder and hold it near the neck. Stretch your hands up completely without bending the elbow and bring it down to the neck. 

5. Straight bar curl / Triceps extension 

Stretch the hand down with the curl bar and bend your elbow to lift it towards your shoulder. Place your hand slightly apart from the shoulder to have a good grip. To do the triceps extension, hold the barbell right above the head and bring it behind your head with a bent shoulder, lift it over the head and bring it down repeatedly 8 times to complete one set.

6. Shrugs

Shrugs workout. Image credits: Gymjunkies

Holds the barbell stretched down and do the shrugging action by lifting the shoulder pretty high to perform shrugs, they greatly work on the shoulder muscles.

7. Squats

Barbell squats. Img Credits Wikipedia

Squats are pretty difficult without the extra weight behind the back. To perform these difficult squats, place the barbell on your shoulders and perform the traditional squats by pushing you back out and your knees down. It works great on the thighs and glutes. With the aid of a gym machine, it is much easier to perform these squat sets.

Over to you

Start the workout routine with lighter weights and increase it as you are more confident about your posture and workout method. These exercises are proven to build the mass and muscles in the right manner. Incorporating these exercises into your daily routine will put you on the way to your awesome body. And try these home remedies in a likely case you get a little bit of body pain or soreness.

I am a fitness enthusiast and gym junkie who spend not more than 1hr a day working out. I believe sufficient workouts with proper nutrition can render an impressive ripped body.
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