Top 10 Indian Diet Tips for Six Pack Abs in 2021

10 Indian Diet Tips for Six Pack Abs

Getting six-pack abs, you have always dreamt of requires good nutrition and hard work in the gym. You can do countless abdominal exercises and still not get those six-pack abs if you are not eating well. No matter the workouts you do, you must have a good diet as well. 

Working out is well and good for your body, but it only goes so far. After some time, you have to pay attention to what you eat. Many people have got six-pack abs; it’s just hidden under that little stomach fat layer. 

How frustrating! But eating the right diet can make a huge difference. So, what are the foods you are supposed to eat to get the six-pack? Read on and find out from the top 10 Indian diet tips for Six Pack Abs in 2021below:

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1) Eat more to increase metabolism

No matter the body shape you hope to achieve, the most important thing in maintaining your body’s health has an active metabolism. Metabolism is the natural process through which your body burns food to release energy. Your Metabolism suffers if you don’t have regular food intake. 

Consequently, the food that isn’t burnt is turned into fat and stored instead of being burnt to release energy. Therefore, the first and most important thing is to have several small and regular meals all day long to maintain the body’s Metabolism. This would not only prevent the accumulation of fat but would keep you active throughout the day as well.

2) Decreased calorie intake

low on calories

It is not true that people who want to have six-packs should avoid calories. Calories are crucial as they provide energy, which is essential for sustaining the intense training one undergoes to shape their abs. The key is the food source of the calories. Foods low in fat typically have a lower calorie to gram ratio. Furthermore, carbohydrates that are less processed, such as whole-grain items, digest more slowly. This gives your body time to burn off these calories. If calories are obtained from processed and junk foods, it will be difficult or next to impossible to achieve a six-pack.

3) Increased protein intake

eat more protein-rich foods

You should have a diet rich in protein as it would enhance your body’s lean muscle weight. The more lean muscle you have, the more calories your body will burn. Besides, protein produces a thermal effect on carbohydrates and fats and helps burn them. 

A good intake of protein helps your body to remain satisfied and keeps hunger pangs at bay. Include cottage cheese, eggs, salmon, almonds, chicken, and tuna in your diet for a good protein intake. For more information on protein foods, visit my grocery list for fat loss.

4) Increased fiber intake

Increased fiber intake

To get six-pack abs, you must have a fiber-rich diet. The fruits and vegetables like carrots, apple, watermelon, papaya, and unrefined foods have an abundance. Do not eat refined grains or foods. The fiber in your diet helps you get lean. It also helps your body in detoxification, so that fat burning is speeded up.

5) Eat 6-8 smaller meals instead of 3 big ones

Instead of only having 3 huge meals a day, try to have more snacks in your diet. Snacking helps your body to stay fueled throughout the day, burning more calories. It also helps keep hunger at bay. 

Many people will have an early breakfast and then eat nothing until lunch. Between the two intervals, you can get quite hungry. When lunch comes around, some people tend to overeat since they are starving. 

You should never let your body feel that hungry. Once you overeat at lunch, you’ll probably feel so full. You should never let your body feel that full as well. Snacks help you maintain an ideal balance between hunger and satisfaction.

If you are overweight then have a look at this 15 step guide for fat loss first.

6) Eat whole grains

eat whole grain food

Whole grains are all the rage these days. Almost everything available in the supermarket comes with a whole grain option, and you must choose it. Whole grains have much more fiber compared and digest more slowly than refined grains.

7) Eat healthy fats

source of healthy fats

Fats are also important for your nutrition to be complete. But the key is to eat healthy fats rather than unhealthy ones. Healthy fats are abundant in olive oil, avocado, nuts, eggs, organic meats, and virgin coconut oil. 

You can also take saturated oils but in controlled quantities. Never eat any foods with trans-fats. Avoid foods such as margarine, butter, fried foods, processed foods, hydrogenated oils, and sweetened products. For more information on healthy fats, visit the grocery list.

8) Eat slow digesting carbohydrates

slow digesting carbs

To meet your body’s carbohydrate requirement, consume complex carbohydrates like sweet potatoes, legumes, leafy green vegetables, and root crops since they’re low in sugar and don’t cause sugar in food to convert into fat. 

Avoid simple carbohydrates such as bread, pasta, and rice as they increase sugar intake in the body from the foods you eat. These foods will digest very quickly and therefore give you no time to burn them off.

9) Decrease sodium intake

decreases sodium intake

To get a six-pack abdomen, keep your body’s sodium content under control. High sodium causes water retention as well as bloating of the body. This will result in a puffy look rather than a ripped one.

10) Increase water intake

drink more water

You should take plenty of water to flush all the toxins out of your body. Increasing your water intake will also aid in vitamin absorption, so you will get the most out of the foods you eat. Drinking plenty of water also guards against dehydration and also helps to control your appetite.

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Over to you!

These are my top ten six-pack abs diet tips. For more information on the types of foods to buy, visit my grocery list for fat loss. Furthermore, a good exercise program should be followed to achieve the ripped six-pack you want. Good luck with your fitness journey, and I hope to see your six-pack soon.

Pratyaksha Agarwal
I am a fitness enthusiast and gym junkie who spend not more than 1hr a day working out. I believe sufficient workouts with proper nutrition can render an impressive ripped body.