Weight Training at Home vs The Gym: Which is better?

Once you have decided that you want to start a weight training program, the next step is to choose whether you want to train at home or at a gym. Home gyms are growing in popularity. In 2021 over US$2,152m is expected to be spent on fitness equipment in India as per Statista report. Choosing one or the other will depend on many things; read the cons and pros for each below:

[Yeah, I know many people are stuck at home and gyms are closed (thank you virus!:| ). But some part of world is open and people have choice to go-gym. For now, this article is for people in those area.]

Home gyms


This is perhaps the most common reason why people choose to train at home. Home gym offers the convenience which going to the gym can’t. Many find it hard to find the time to squeeze in trips back and forth to their gym within gym hours in today’s hectic world. Home gyms allow you 24-hour access to your exercise equipment. Also read: the best exercise cycles in India.

No waiting

This is especially true when you go to gyms when it’s at its busiest. Weight training at home allows you to use your exercise equipment whenever you want (no waiting in line). This will allow you full access to your equipment without any interruptions to your rhythm while training.


If you are shy or self-conscious, weight training at home will give you the privacy you may want. Many new beginners may find it too daunting stepping into a room full of Schwarzenegger-like bodies. It may be a good idea to begin your training at home first before you venture out to a commercial gym.

Saving money

Home gyms may initially be a significant investment; however, the savings can be substantial over a gym membership over the long term. Also read: best treadmill in India for home use.

Weight training at a gym


I personally place motivation as the most crucial reason to prefer to go to the gym than to train at home. For some reason, Im sure you will agree; many will find it hard to concentrate and stay motivated training at home. Training at a gym will place you in an environment with like-minded people, all motivated and with a common goal!

Getting help

Weight training requires working with heavyweights, and at times this can be dangerous. The last thing you want is to get injured. At a gym are many people/spotters that are more than happy to give you a helping hand.

The latest gym equipment

For more experienced gym-goers, one advantage of going to a commercial gym is that you have the latest gym equipments. This allows more experienced users more flexibility than perhaps a home gym can offer.

No sacrifice of living space

Weight training exercise equipments can be bulky and very heavy. Training at a gym can help you avoid losing that extra space either in your bedroom or garage space.

Pratyaksha Agarwal
I am a fitness enthusiast and gym junkie who spend not more than 1hr a day working out. I believe sufficient workouts with proper nutrition can render an impressive ripped body.