The Rowing Machine – What is it & its usefulness?


One of the most popular and traditional cardiovascular workouts there is. Rowing provides the opportunity for a full-body workout, using a precise motion you will exercise your legs, arms, and your abdominal muscles. As with any other type of fitness equipment, rowing machines come in various shapes and forms. And it is down to your personal needs and tastes as to which one you will want.

The types of rowing machine

There are four main types of resistance mechanisms found on rowing machines: Hydraulic, Magnetic, Water, and Air. The very cheapest rowers tend to have hydraulic resistance, which tends to be quite difficult and not as smooth as the other types. Adjustments can be made to adjust the difficulty level. 

The majority of home use rowing machines tend to use a magnetic resistance mechanism. 

Using a flywheel with several magnets placed close to it, the magnetic resistance is very quiet and can be adjusted to change the level of resistance. Magnetic resistance varies in quality from one rowing machine to another. Generally more expensive the rowers have more levels of resistance to choose from and provide a smoother more fluid rowing action.

When you move up in price you can also choose from water and air rowers. These both have a superior rowing action to the other types of resistance. 

Air rowers are available from as little as 20k, however, there is a huge difference in quality between a cheap air rower and a mid-range rower. 

At low price points magnetic resistance is a better option, however, a mid-top end price points Air rowers win hands down over those with magnetic resistance on both smoothness and quality. 

On certain air rowers, the resistance is fixed at a set level, on other models, it can be adjusted. 

Water Rowers are generally only available at higher price points and provide the very best rowing experience. Water rowers consist of a tank of water with a propeller inside. When you pull on the rowing handle, the propeller turns through the water. The resistance is increased by rowing faster and harder, just as if you were rowing on a lake. The sound made by water and air rowers is very tranquil and not at all loud. 

However, if you want complete silence from your rowing machine then magnetic rowing machines are the closest you will find. If you need any further advice – contact or comment below. Read more about home gym equipment here.

Pratyaksha Agarwal
I am a fitness enthusiast and gym junkie who spend not more than 1hr a day working out. I believe sufficient workouts with proper nutrition can render an impressive ripped body.